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01 Independent research and development

The company's annual R&D investment accounts for more than 3% of total sales, perfecting every detail of product development, design and production and ensuring the accuracy, reliability and perfection of the solution.

02 international trade

LXY has a comprehensive international trading system. From international trade marketing to international trade negotiations, from one-stop negotiation services in the country to localized services in more than 160 countries and regional offices around the world.

03 Technical Services

We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the process of project construction from project consultation, site survey, sample analysis to project design, installation and commissioning, and guided maintenance, to ensure that all links and customers receive the position and solve the problem in time. Required.

Modern product

"Turnkey project" EPC project general contracting

EPC is the general contracting of the project, also known as the “turnkey project”. This mode is adopted in the field of engineering construction. Generally speaking, the projects using the EPC project general contracting mode are generally project projects with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complicated technology and many uncertain factors. Therefore, this also places high demands on the contractor's comprehensive strength. LXY has been rooted in the field of crushing and milling for many years. The EPC project has rich experience in general contracting, and its comprehensive strength is well-known in the industry. In recent years, a number of domestic and overseas client companies have selected the LXY Group's EPC project general contracting services, and the projects have been successfully accepted. In the future, with excellent product quality, worry-free project services and comprehensive project management, LXY Group's EPC project general contracting services are expected to blossom everywhere in the world.

Great project

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