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Heavy loads and demanding conditions require a heavy-duty conveyor that is designed for performance and reliability. When catalog conveyors are not up to the job, Lauyans & Company meets your needs with specially engineered heavy-duty conveyors.

Pallet Conveyor | 2 strand 36" centers | Heavy Duty Chain ...

Chain pallet conveyor UDC60-2 is a 2-strand drag chain pallet conveyor designed to convey large loads such as pallets from point A to point B. The 2-strand chain carries 3,000 pounds and is a continuous loop of heavy duty chain.

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Heavy Loads INDUSTRY. Construction Materials Distribution and Warehousing Metal and Steel ... Adjustable Chain Conveyor 111.pdf Pallet Destacker with CDLR 205.pdf ... Steel Water Tank Manufacturing 806.pdf Vertical Lift Chain Conveyor 202.pdf: Chain Conveyors (Drag Chain) are used primarily for "wrong way" pallets or racks. Structural tube ...

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Large Size Conveyor Chain for Heavy Loads Uses a unique Tsubaki structure with cylindrical bearings in the rollers for less running resistance (~1/3 that of general use conveyor chain), a much higher roller allowable load, and improved bush - roller wear life.

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Drag chain conveyors consist of heavy gauge formed chain rails with a welded steel frame, UHMW wear strips and adjustable heavy-duty structural steel supports, our conveyor can withstand the daily demands of a tough environment.

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Industrial Kinetics provides heavy duty conveyors to many of the world-leading heavy equipment and large, industrial equipment and infrastructure manufacturers. Working with our customers we develop heavy duty conveyor equipment and system solutions that take into consideration the following key items: ... 8K LB Roller Conveyor & Chain Transfer ...

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Heavy Duty Drag Chain Heavy Duty Steel Drag chains are designed for severely abrasive and extremely high-temp applications. For example, hot clinker and hot lime drag conveyors that run up …

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Chain driven live roller conveyor (often referred to as chain-to-chain or pallet conveyor) is typically used to transport heavier loads at controlled speeds. Chains drive sprockets on the load rollers which in turn drives a chain and the sprocket on the next roller, etc.

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Sturdy chain conveyors for low-maintenance transport of heavy loads and for constructing complex interlinking solutions.

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Automate conveyor transfers for large, heavy loads with a chain driven transfer. The chain drive brings the load onto the transfer carriage where powered rollers rise to engage and move the load forward off the transfer carriage.

Chain Roller Conveyor - LEWCO Inc.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors, commonly referred to as CDLR, provides a positively driven, heavy duty, live roller conveyor. Because of the positive chain and sprocket drive, it's an ideal choice for conveying pallets, containers, drums and other heavy unit loads.

Chain Conveyor Systems: BLEICHERT Automation & Co. KG

Chain conveyor systems are appropriate for the automated longitudinal and transversal conveyance of goods with stable running surfaces. Especially for pallets or rather for hot or large and heavy goods. Due to the robust design, chain conveyor systems may be used where roller conveyors and belt conveyors cannot be deployed.

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Tell Us About Your ProjectCommonly referred to as Drag Chain Conveyor, Lauyans & Company can provide you with a heavy-duty design that will transport your most difficult unit loads.. Standard Features: Conveyor frames constructed from heavy gage formed and welded steel. Supporting legs are provided with adjustable feet.

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We are a trusted name in manufacturing an array of Assembling Chain Conveyor employed in modern material handling systems. Our conveyor is known to sustain heavy loads for long distance and maintain speed and impact.

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The chains run under full lenght hold-down bars. The incline elbow is heavy duty, with inspection doors. It includes galvanized cover. Fully enclosed sections with galvanized covers make this model safe in the feedroom and ready for outdoor use. The drive section includes tensioners for conveyors chain. Double reduction drive is easy to service.

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The heavy duty chain driven conveyor is the most rugged live roller in production. 76 Sanderson Ave, Lynn MA 01902 P: 800.209.8798 F: 800.244.6231 or 781-623-7970 [Fax For Canada] Call today!

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Chain conveyors are generally used to convey heavy pallets and racks. The load requires a bottom surface that can be carried directly on the chain strands. A wear bar is used to support the chain and the chain strands are driven by a center drive.

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Heavy Duty Industrial Conveyors Advanced Equipment Systems (AES) is a designer and manufacturer of heavy duty, industrial material handling conveyors. AES specializes in chain, steel belt, heavy duty roller, PVC, and V-roll conveyors.

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Heavy Duty Conveyors. Showing all 13 results 12K Powerhouse 2-Strand Conveyor Read more; 12K Powerhouse 3-Strand Conveyor Read more; 12K Powerlift Conveyor ... Heavy Duty CD880 Chain Drag Read more; Heavy Duty CDLR Chain Transfer Read more; Modular Heavy Duty Product Line Read more; Pneumatic Shuttle Cart Read more;

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Heavy Duty Enclosed Track Conveyors. PACLINE's PAC-MAX™ is a high-capacity, enclosed track chain conveyor designed for stability in conveying heavy duty loads of up to 220 lbs. from a single pendant.This conveyor has a unique cross shaped track section that allows for "slot-up" (inverted), "slot sideways" (side-loaded) or "slot down" applications.

Heavy Duty Chain Transfer Conveyor - Conveyors by American ...

Heavy Duty Chain Transfer Conveyor Established in 1973, Alba Manufacturing engineers, designs, and fabricates Heavy Duty Chain Transfer Conveyor systems. Systems include Chain Transfers and Transfer Cars, Drag Chain, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR), Zero Pressure Accumulation, Gravity, Lift and Rotate, Pallet Stackers and Dispensers, Turntables.

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Heavy Duty Slat Chain Conveyor can be practically used to convey any type of solid particles. Heavy Duty Slat Chain Conveyor, that we provide, is mainly used for the assembly and inspection of bulky and heavy …

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Chain conveyors typically consist of multiple, parallel strands of roller chain used to convey unit loads. They are typically used to convey heavy loads that are varying in size and not conducive to smooth conveying on driven roller conveyors.

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Chain Conveyors. Whether you're receiving through harvest or loading out to meet a delivery commitment, you must be able to move your grain gently and efficiently. GSI's conveyors are hard at work on farms, grain elevators, and in processing plants across the world. Our durable construction and heavy duty designs meets your demands.

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Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors. Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors (CDLRs) are great for handling heavy product with smooth bottom or on pallets. CDLR's are used for warehouse operations that handle steel sheet or structural shapes and using pallets or skids.

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The conveyor is made up of a drive, intermediate and tail sections on which two strands of #60 single pitch chain travel. Each strand is a continuous loop and driven by a common drive shaft. Two (2) strand drag chain conveyors are used to convey large, heavy duty items.

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Chain Belt Conveyors. Titan custom steel belt conveyors are offered in low and full profiles. They are ideal for a variety of light and heavy duty applications, including machine tool and chip-handling environments, die casting operation, stamping operations, whole plant chip and scrap removal systems, inspection, parts handling and package operation.